Top 5 Hiking Trails in Lancaster, PA


One of the America’s oldest inland towns, Lancaster County is located in south central Pennsylvania. Lancaster is a place rich in natural resources, culture and history. Lancaster County offers its visitors with various interesting things to do. For adventure lovers, Lancaster County Central park has some interesting hiking trails and parking lots. Here are some of the best hiking trails in Lancaster, PA.

Hiking Trails in Lancaster County Central Park

Conestoga Trial System

The Conestoga Trail System is an orange–blazed hiking trial that stretches 63 miles (101 Km) through Lancaster County, PA. This trial traces salmon blazed route across the park on its way from northern Lancaster County to the Mason-Dixon Trial in York County.  The trial begins in the Furnace Hills about 16 miles north of the city of Lancaster, where it intersects the Horse-Shoe Trail. From there, the trial turns southwest to pass through the scenic and rather challenging river hills before crossing the Susquehanna River to reach the Mason-Dixon Trial in York County. Along this trial, hikers will see a variety of lowland trees and shrubs, including American sycamore, Black Walnut, Box Elder and Spicebush. Before the trail exits the Central park, the hikers will also pass through the Muhlenberg Native Plant & Wildflower Meadow.

Equestrian Trail

This is the longest trail in the Lancaster County Central Park. This trial is composed of 3 separate but connected loops which are characterized by small grade changes, wide tread, and head overhead clearance. This trial is marked with signs made from recycled plastic. Equestrian trial is ideal for horse riding and group hiking. Each loop in this trail features different scenery. The southern loop passes along Mill Creek and through the Muhlenberg Native Plant & Wildflower Meadow. The Western lop passes through a wooden bird nesting area and around the Garden Rental Plots. Finally, the eastern loop passes through mown fields encircling several ball fields.

Warbler Trial

Beginning from the east of the garden, the Warbler Trial passes through a side hill route overlooking the Conestoga River. Yellow blazes designate this trail. This trail passes through mature upland woods filled with common hackberry, red oak, tulip poplar, and American elm trees. Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagle, Eastern Screech Owl, Fish Crow, Carolina Chickadee, and Cedar Waxwing are found year round. Wildlife includes Flower’s and American toads and mink.

Scout Trail

This trail loops around the Mill Creek Camping Area and passes through several different woodland habitats as it crosses the park. The Mill Creek camping area is dominated by lowland tree species, such as American and Slippery Elms, American Sycamore, Black Walnut, and Box Elder. This area is popular for fragrant spicebushes. Heading north, the Scout Trail continues along Mill Creek and then ascends a series of switchbacks through upland woods, featuring Sugar Maple, White Ash, and Tulip Poplar trees. The trail then ends at the Indian Rock.

Wildflower Trail

This trail provides an easy, wooded walk along a narrow path connecting Kiwanis Road to Kiwanis Drive. This trail is blazed with red paint. Wild flowers of all kinds bloom on the forest floor along the trail during early spring. Several species such as Spring Beauty, Trillium, Trout Lily, Wild Ginger, etc. can be seen during the hike.

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