Top 5 Restaurants in Lancaster, PA


Lancaster is a popular county in Pennsylvania famous for its Amish attractions, cultural scene, great food, and shopping opportunities. Out of these attractions, restaurants are one of the major attractions of Lancaster which draws many visitors round the year. As Lancaster has a wide array of varieties for fine dining, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Here is a list of top five restaurants in Lancaster, PA where you can enjoy fine dining experience.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

If you want to taste full flavored beers brewed on site, then Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is the one for you. This brewery cum restaurant located on College Row was voted as the Large Brewpub of the year 2006 by the Association of Brewers. It also offers great atmosphere with excellent cuisines and services. Since, Iron Hill is opened seven days a week, you can come anytime and enjoy the food and beer here.