Jason’s Woods Haunted Attraction


If you are a thrill lover, Jason’s Wood is the ultimate place for you in Lancaster, PA. If you have had enough of sightseeing and adventurous activities, you can take a day off and visit Jason’s Woods. This place is very famous for haunted attractions in PA. Jason’s Wood will definitely make you explode with the wildest, bone-chilling, nerve shattering haunted hayrides and horror shows. Get ready to ride on a roller coaster full of chills, thrills, laughs and excitement that you have never experienced before.

Haunted Attractions in Jason’s Woods

Horrifying Hayride

In the horrifying hayride, you will be taken to a jungle and you need to try to escape from that jungle. While you try to escape, you will be encountered with horrifying haunted family of degenerate junkyard scavengers who seek out parts to eke out survival in the unhallowed forest of Jason Woods.  You also come face to face with the reanimation of dead tissue and technology combined in bizarre and dangerous experiments. The strange results of these failures lurk in every corner of the woods in search of warm bodies and new specimens for both sustenance and their own twisted amusements. Fight with all these creatures to escape the jungle or else you’ll be the night’s dinner for them!!!

Chamber of Horrors

The Chamber of Horror is full of state-of-art special effects, interactive elements and bizarre scenes of terror. This is something like you have never experienced before. This chamber was created to maximize scares and create the most unique horror experience at Jason’s Woods. The unforgettable collection of the most demented creatures will surely take your breath away.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is a place where you will be haunted to the maximum and in the most terrifying way. Here, you will be put in the middle of an all out war for survival. Get ready to protect yourself from being eaten by the zombies that crave for human flesh and if you can’t do that, you’ll join the legion of the undead at the zombie apocalypse.

Lost in Jason’s Woods

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like standing alone in dark woods with a strange feeling that someone is closing in and watching you? Well, if you want to experience this, you must definitely try out “Lost in Jason’s Woods”.  The haunting souls in the forest are well aware of your arrival and are waiting for you there. And if you are bitten by these souls, you will experience the excruciating internal burns and witness your own body painfully distorts into the very inhuman creature that cautiously stalked their unsuspecting presence.

Fields of Fright

In the “Fields of Fright”, you will be haunted by the sickening sound of metal slashing bone and loud screams of another victim. On your way to escape, you will be blocked by towering rows of corn block and attacked by the demented inhabitants of this forlorn place. If you are luck enough, you’ll be able to escape; else you’ll become their prey!


190 Eastbrook Road (Route 896)
Smoketown, PA 17576
(717) 397-6944

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